Assault Carriers are a relatively new development (hull size 14-17). Assault carriers serve as mobile bases for fighter squadrons. A carrier transports fighters to the scene of a battle, and recovers and re-arms fighters that survive the battle. Because of the large amount of maintenance required by fighters, an assault carrier carries 300 to 400 crew members. Most carriers have a complement of 5 to 8 fighter elements, but some of the largest can carry 12 or more. Although they are not fast or maneuverable, an assault carrier can make 3 to 12 jumps before needing an engine overhaul, depending on the size of its engines.

Ships of the Line

Known UPF Ships: Known Sathar Attack Vessels
(by code names):
  • UPFS Archroost
  • UPFS Greatnest
  • UPFS Gurrnoton
  • SAV Deathknight
  • SAV Infamous
  • SAV Maelstrom
  • SAV Monstrous
  • SAV Notorious
  • SAV Predator
  • SAV Space Demon
  • SAV Star of Glory

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