News of the Sathar invasion has reached all the planets of the Frontier. The story always is the same; defeat and retreat. Soon, the major UPF planets will be in danger.

Task Force Cassidine has been dispatched to the planet Kdikit with one goal: Stop the Sathar onslaught. Circling the planet is Fortress Kdikit, a huge and well-defended space station. Along with the ships that have been sent to reinforce it, the UPF hopes Fortress Kdikit will be the bastion that breaks the Sathar assault.

The objective of the battle was simple. This was the UPF's last desperate chance to stop the Sathar fleet before it reaches major planets, so the UPF would have fought to the bitter end. Sathar, of course, do not know the meaning of retreat. In the end, both sides took heavy damage, but it was the UPF that came out victorious, and it was a major turning point in the conflict.

UPF Order of BattleEdit

Sathar Order of BattleEdit

(cited from the UPF Tactical Handbook)

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