Bolt weapons are energy weapons that resemble 50-cm-long tubes with a black handgrip at one end and a firing button mounted on top. Their butt ends unscrew and their power source is either a minipowerclip or a normal powerclip, depending on the type.

The bolt is an invisible beam of heavy ions that creates a thunderclap that can be heard for hundreds of meters. Bolt weapons cannot be attached to active-matrix power storage devices, such as power beltpacks or backpacks. Only a gridsuit, protects against bolt weapons.

WarTech Alpha-Bolt: This weapon has an adjustable dial that allows the character to select how many SEUs are used each time it is fired (between 1 and 10). The alpha-bolt uses a minpowerclip.

WarTech Omega-Bolt: WarTech developed this as a sporting weapon, but it was never popular. Each shot from the weapon uses 5 SEUs and does between 1 and 100 points of damage (roll 1d100). The Omega-Bolt uses a standard powerclip.

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