Central Party 2

Central Party logo[1]

The Central Party (CP) is a Frontier political party holding seats on the Council of Worlds. Centralists believe that greater integration of the various worlds of the Frontier is not only desirable, but a requirement to ensure its survival due to the Sathar threat. It is probably the best organized, but also the smallest of the major parties due to the strictness of its doctrine and membership.

Its members tend to wear party uniforms of black and red to their assembly meetings, which are held regularly on a number of worlds. Party officials frequently make speeches about the need for sacrifice and unity in face of external threats (often unnamed).

Anixter Dool

Anixter Dool addressing Party rally[2]

The party itself is a very structured hierarchy with Anixter Dool (known as "The Leader" within the party) as its head. Dool is a Human from Laco. He often gives speeches citing the need to stand together and gives as evidence his family’s forced evacuation from Pale to Laco in the First Sathar War and his own experience growing up in the period of famine after the war and the lawlessness of Laco’s War.

Notes and References Edit

  1. Made from some generic clip art and an alternate UPF logo (author unknown)
  2. Made from a V screencap plus the party emblem

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