Circe is one of the two habitable planets in the Solar Minor system, the other is Kir'-Kut.

Moons: (1) Ulysseus
Gravity: 1
Day: 20
Inclination: °
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temperature: °C
 % Water:
Trade: Agriculture
General Notes: Circe is a mega-corp planet that was colonized by SynthCorp for the purposes of experimenting with foodstuffs required by Humans.
Native Species:
History: The Solar Minor system was discovered in FY78.
The entire system was overpowered by the Sathar Fleets #2 & #3 in FY96 that no word of the attack was able to be sent to Spacefleet. The population of Circe was enslaved and moved to Outpost #1 in FY98.8.
Resettlement began in full scale in FY107, no longer a mega-corp controlled planet.
Government: Anarchy/Military. The military organization exists only to defend the planet itself. Everything else is under individual rule. The military as well as the general populace has a high level of anti-corp sentiment.
Law: (CR 1-0) As long as one doesn't draw attention from the military one's activites are generally unnoticed. It is generally agreed that no one can look after you better than yourself.
Population: Human/Vrusk Light. Because of the defeat of the Synth-Corp planetary defenses during SWII, there is a very strong anti-corp sentiment felt by nearly all members of this society.
Society/Culture: Much of the culture of Circe happens online. Nearly all of the inhabitants are frequent users of the planet-wide net system, and are always thirsting for more electronic information. Because of this and the lack of governmental controls, Circe has become a info-haven and repository for vast amounts of data. The usefulness of this data is almost irrelevant to the collectors.
¥ City:
§ Ulysseus:
ª§ Artificial Satellites: ASS, RRS

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