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Though the modern Clan Renegade claims descent from the historic Yazirian fighting unit, this claim is probably spurious. Star Law believes the modern Clan Renegade to be an ultra secret but fully modern movement that plays on the conspiracy theories surrounding the demise of the historic military unit.

What is certain is that the modern Clan Renegade advocates violence against the structure of the Family of One but not the out-right destruction of its religious beliefs. This is an important distinction since the membership is assumed to be all Yazirian. This cadre hates the leadership of the dominant Yazirian religion even as many of its members may still believe in that religion. All members of this cadre are believed to have sworn Blood Enemy against the clan controlling the Family of One.

The historic emblems of the classic fighting unit are all used by the modern Clan Renegade. The also have a catch phrase or slogan, “Remember the Charge.” This is a reference to the classic poem, ‘Charge of Clan Renegade’ but is also carries the double meaning of remembering the charge they have been given against the Family of One.

Notes and References Edit

  • Star Frontiersman #16, "New Cults & Cadres" by Thomas Verreault/jedion357

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