The Clarion Royal Guard is the planetary army of Clarion, in the White Light system, tasked with planetary defense and protection of the royal family. It is the ground-based counterpart of the Clarion Royal Marines.

Strictly speaking, the Royal Guard is actually composed of three branches; the Royal Guards, the Ducal Regiments, and the Royal Militia.

The Royal GuardsEdit

Based in the labyrinthine grounds of the Leontine Palace at Valentina, the two regiments of the Royal Guards number only a few thousand troopers, but have never been defeated land combat in the 400-year history of the Monarchy.

The 1st Royal Guards (The Queen’s Own) are a mechanized infantry unit, with organic atmospheric fighter support (based at Valentina Spaceport). The 1st incorporates platoons that “carry the banner” for regiments that were otherwise disbanded: the 4th Royal Guards (Princess Leotia’s Dragoons), 5th Royal Guards (Royal Consort’s Hussars) and the 9th Royal Lancers (Valentina’s Pride). The 1st takes pride that the only robots they use are for heavy lifting.

The 3rd Royal Guards (Queen’s Grenadiers) are a mechanized infantry unit lacking organic fighter support, but featuring a battalion of combat aircars. The 3rd incorporates the following “banner platoons”; 2nd Royal Rifles, 7th Royal Dragoons and 8th Royal Rifles. The 6th Royal Hussars was disbanded over three centuries ago. The 2nd

The Royal Guards also have a small fleet of shuttles used for transport and logistics.

The Ducal RegimentsEdit

Each of the eleven planetary Dukes fields his or her own “regiment”, which vary widely in both type of equipment and quality of personnel. For the most part, they serve as reserves and auxiliaries to the Royal Guards.

Also included in this classification are the Ducal Guards; the personal bodyguard units of each noble.

The Royal MilitiaEdit

The Royal Militia is actually the name for the collective police (constabulary) forces; except for a handful of “S.W.A.T.” - equivalent teams, the only military-grade unit is the Royal Palace Guard, which has some of the most stringent selection and training requirements in the Frontier.

The Palace Guard includes a specialized unit stationed on Clarion Station, charged with maintaining the “royal yacht” RCS Valiant. By UPF/Planetary charter, the Royal Guards have no military authority in space[1], so this detachment depends on the Marines for security.[2]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

  1. By the same token, the Clarion Royal Marines have no military authority inside Clarion’s atmosphere.
  2. Individual members of this detachment may (and usually do) carry personal sidearms as private citizens on the station. Since Valiant is considered a consular vessel (thus, sovereign Clarion territory), they may bear arms within the ship at all times.

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