Cygnus Omicron IX is the location of a colony where the Truane's Star military was engaged in police actions due to "colonial troubles" of an undetermined nature at the time of the second manned expedition to Volturnus, in the Zebulon system.[1]


The nature of Cygnus Omicron is open to interpretation, since it is not stated in the relevant text; it could be the ninth planet of the Cygnus Omicron system, but there is no such listed system in the Frontier Sector. It is possible that Cygnus Omicron is an older name for one of the other nearby systems, like Dixon's Star. It is also possible that the name refers to the ninth moon of the Cygnus Omicron planet, or that Cygnus Omicron is an space-borne habitat colony; the ninth in the series, or it could be a colonial site on Pale or New Pale.

Notes and References Edit

  1. Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn module "Crash on Volturnus", pp. 11

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