Inspiration from Alastair Reynolds' Chasm City

Being able to eliminate a target without others being harmed as "collateral damage" has always been a challenge for spies and assassins.. Now they can use the target's own DNA to take them out of the picture. Years of work by many military-based corporate labs and intelligence agencies like Sector Six have found a way by developing two types of targeted poison and a successful delivery system.

The first poison is a long-term poison that affects one specific person by targeting his/her unique DNA profile. In order to manufacture this poison, a sample of the specific target's DNA must be obtained to key the poison to its intended victim. This poison puts the target into a coma within minutes or hours of introduction, then slowly begins to destroy the body from the immune system out. No cure has been found.

Such a poison costs 10,000 credits and can be hard to obtain (minimum of 6-12 months).

The other poison targets the DNA of a single race or species. Since the target class is broader acquiring a DNA sample is much easier, and the cost is roughly half of what the individual-specific poison does. This type of poison can be found in any "black" market or can be ordered and delivered. It puts the victims into a comma and begins to shut down vital organs. As with the first poison, no cure has been found.

Administering the poison requires a special weapon:

DNA Poison Delivery System (wind-up pistol, one shot only)
Range: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25
Class : Projectile Weapon
Percentage to Hit: 10
Damage: poison
Cost: 2,000 Credits