Darkworld Station is an armed space station in orbit around Outer Reach. It is the headquarters of the Malthar; it is rumored to shelter the "home offices" of his massive crime syndicate.

Darkworld is a Hull Size III station (600m dia.), rotating with enough speed to create about 0.5 g at the outer rim (1.22 rpm). The station is the headquarters of the Malthar's crime syndicate and security is tight given the nature of its inhabitants.

Darkworld Station has an unusual construction, a massive silver cylinder extends from the station's hub. Unbeknownst to many, this large cylinder is the processing plant for Ixiol. It was designed to provide the weightless environment that Ixiol production requires. Great quantities of the drug are made here.

Inside the station, loud, freaky music blares from numerous nightclubs and bars. Smoke drifts through the corridors. Lowlifes from all races reside here in a population of nearly 3,000. A large force of combat troops remains on hand for internal security as well as special situations.

The docking bay of Darkworld has a capacity of eight ships, with a maximum hull size of 14.

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