Doze Grenade

PGC DZG-2A Doze Grenade. Note gas dispersal grid on bottom.

Doze Grenades in the Frontier Sector are small, lightweight non-lethal throwing devices designed to disperse a fast-acting knockout gas (Doze Gas) which is effective against all known Frontier and Rim biological races (including Humans, Dralasites, Yazirians, Vrusk, Ifshnit, Osakar, Humma and Sathar).

Each grenade has a cost of 10 Cr and has negligible weight. It can be set to detonate on impact or it can be set to detonate using a built-in timer, adjustable to up to one minute.[1] Conversely, the grenade can be mounted to either a grenade bullet (for use with a grenade rifle) or a grenade shell (for use with a grenade mortar).

Upon detonation, the Doze Gas is quickly dispersed, affecting all living being unprotected by gas masks, spacesuits or other sealed environment. All who succumb[2] will be knocked out for up to 10 minutes,[3] but may be roused instantly with a shot of Stimdose. The gas becomes inert after less than six seconds, precluding any lingering clouds; a good thing, since the gas is colorless and odorless and would be difficult to avoid otherwise.

A single Doze Grenade is included in the Standard Equipment Pack, indicating that it is commonly available and legal to own.

Doze Gas is also available with specialized gyrojet ammunition.

Source: Alpha Dawn

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. 1-10 6-second turns
  2. fail a STA check
  3. 1d100 6-second turns

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