Binary black holes

Image of the Ebony Eyes taken by the Clarion Royal Society of Astronomy, FY 65.[1]

For as long as the oldest spacer remembers, the enigmas known as the Ebony Eyes have existed: two unique black holes that orbit one another a mere 160,000 kilometers apart, and almost equivalent in size and strength.<ref>"Battle of the Ebony Eyes" Dragon #88</ref> Located precisely halfway between the Dramune and K'aken-Kar systems, they were discovered accidentally by a human tramp freighter captain named Eboniyes. Over the years they became known as the "Ebony Eyes" .

Anything coming within 50,000 km of either of the Eyes is lost and will fall into the black hole within minutes. Rescue and escape are impossible. It is possible, however, for a ship to orbit one of the Eyes at a 60,000 km radius.

Designated Ebony Eye Alpha and Ebony Eye Beta on UPF astrogational charts, they are small compared to average black holes. But an interesting phenomenon occurs around the Eyes that is not known to be found around any other: because the black holes are so close together, the temporal and spatial fields around them have been twisted out of shape.

This phenomenon creates illusionary duplicates of anything that enters the area.  These duplicates (usually 1-3 in number) appear within a few kilometers of the original object and will make every move that the original object makes. The duplicates will shoot illusionary weapons if the original does, and the beams and the missiles launched will be duplicated as well (although the duplicates have no effect on targets). Energy sensors, radar and all other detection devices will not be able to tell which object is real and which is not.

This unique environment is monitored closely by the UPF. In fact such monitoring led to the famed Battle of Ebony Eyes. It was one of the most unexpected military actions to have taken place with the Sathar and it proved to be one of the most confusing as well.

Notes and References Edit

  1. Image is actually from a physics journal found online.

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