Enviro-proofing is a treatment that may be applied to any article of equipment or vehicle except hover vehicles.[1] [2] Enviro-proofing protects these items from the extremes of heat, cold, dust, submersion, tainted atmospheres, and vacuum.[3]

Enviro-proofing may be done when the item is bought or at some later time.

The cost to enviro-proof any item is 10% the cost of the item in Credits.

Notes and References Edit

  1. Previously developed material for Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn not released before development of Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space. Released in the article "For a Fistful of Credits" by AD co-developer Zeb Cook in Dragon Magazine #112.
  2. Explorers of all types should probably be considered as being enviro-proofed at time of construction due to the nature of their uses.
  3. The referee should note that there are no specific rules for equipment failure in the Star Frontiers Expanded Rules. Enviro-proofing is provided to protect equipment in situations in which the referee feels weather may affect the item. It is up to the referee to create other planets and situations where it would be useful.

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