Windmill Delta lighter

Everlasting EverflameTM!

An Everflame is a permanent, waterproof, windproof lighter guaranteed to last 20 years.[1][2]

The Everflame is so named after the first model became popular among early colonists; later models and brands exist, but all are generically called "everflames".

How they workEdit

Everflames do not use conventional fuel; they are sealed devices incorporating several chambers containing a phosphorus-ceramic pellet, an oxygen generator device (two chemical compounds that create oxygen when they come in contact with each other), a small pressure chamber, and the activation mechanism.

When activated (cap opened and activation button pressed), the oxygen-producing elements come in contact with each other, producing oxygen which is channeled through a one-way valve to the pressure chamber - which is pre-filled at the factory, ready for its first use - which leaks oxygen to the chamber holding the phosphorus ceramic pellet. Upon contact with the high-pressure oxygen, the pellet produces a flame that is directed out the nozzle to light whatever the user desires.

The flame produced by the everflame burns at approximately 1,000˚C [3]. The device is self-regulating and after six seconds automatically turns off the flame to protect the device from melting down and sealing itself permanently.[4]

Cost: 5 Cr
Weight: ≤100 grams[5][6]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

Source: Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn Expanded Rules booklet pp. 41, 48

  1. This guarantee has an asterisk: this number is based on four six-second uses per day, every day for 20 years. Given that an average user keeps it lit for less than three seconds, and uses it fewer than four times a day, and often not using it every day, the guarantee is easy to fulfill.
  2. A malfunctioning or otherwise spent EverflameTM brand everflame that is less than 20 years old (as determined by its inscribed date of manufacture) will be replaced (with a new device) free of cost at any licensed EverflameTM dealer, provided it has not been tampered with. Other brands have their own warranties.
  3. Approximately 1,832˚F
  4. This safety feature can be disabled, but the resulting meltdown in just under a minute disables the pressure chamber, which reduces the flame to a mere ember. The ceramic pellet on its own (removed from the everflame's casing), is not volatile, but it does feel warm to the touch (approx. 56˚C; insulation prevents the everflame from showing up on IR devices when inavtive.
  5. Ten weigh about one kilogram.
  6. 100g is approximately 3.5 ounces.

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