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Explorer vest

Explorer Vest Edit

The Explorer Vest (manufactured by UniHo) is designed to help characters tote about their various pieces of gear. It is built of rugged material (though it offers no damage protection) and is water resistant.[1]

A character wearing an explorer vest can treat his Strength score as if it were 5 points higher when determining encumbrance effects. This effectively allows 5 more kilograms of gear to be worn without affecting movement.

An explorer vest itself has a negligible weight (its mass is quite evenly distributed, though when stored it is considered to weigh 0.5kg), and can be ordered in white, black, khaki, and grey. It can be adjusted to accommodate any of the four core Frontier races (even a Yazirian's wings).

An explorer vest costs a mere 50 credits.

Tactical Vest Edit


Tactical vest

A Tactical Vest is the military equivalent to the Explorer Vest. Tactical vests are expensive, and therefore not normally worn by large armies. Well equipped corporate security forces, military "special forces", mercenaries and adventurers comprise the bulk of the vest’s sales.

A tactical vest is designed to hold:

All of these items, when properly placed in the vest compartments, weigh nothing to the character wearing carrying them. It also has several straps designed to hang off the bottom of the vest, to act as rigging onto which pistol-sized weapon holsters can be attached.

The back of the vest includes five standard powerclips in a network of heavy-duty canvas rigging, all wired together with integrated power routing and buffering to form the equivalent of a standard 100-SEU power backpack. 1.5m power cords can be pulled and locked in place (festooned) and will retract when pulled and released to connect to weapons, screens, or other devices. Up to four devices can be powered in this manner.

Unlike a standard power backpack, these powerclips can be replaced independently (though not by the vest’s wearer while being worn, and quickly enough to be done effectively during combat).

A tactical vest is built of an extremely durable ballistic material. If worn alone, treat it as a 25 point skeinsuit.[2]

Tactical vests can be adjusted to fit any of the four core Frontier races (even accommodating a Yazirian’s wings), and can be purchased in black, white, khaki, hunter green, and in several types of camouflage.

A tactical vest weighs 2 kg and costs 750 Cr.

Notes and References Edit

  1. The Explorer vest (and the Tactical vest below) first appear in Star Frontiersman #4.
  2. The usual rules against layering defensive suits apply.

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