Since the first appearance of the Sathar in the Truane's Star system, in Pre-Frontier Year 3, the Second Common Muster was formed to stop their hostility. In the year 3 pf, Pale and New Pale fall, and there was a Great Exodus to Dixon's Star. By the next year, ragtag fleet of civilian and militia ships formed under the command of Admiral Morgaine.

In the Battle of Triad, Morgaine's fleet performs a surprise attack on the invading Sathar fleet intent on ravaging Triad. The Sathar lose a third of their fleet.

Dixon's Star system is attacked by Sathar Fleet. Completely unprotected it is soon ravaged. Meanwhile Morgaine moves his fleet to the Prenglar system.

The Sathar attack Gran Quivera in the Prenglar system. The Battle of the Two Fleets is fought. The Sathar fleet is routed and destroyed. Morgaine's fleet is seriously depleted and Morgaine dies in battle. With this mutual devastation the First Sathar War comes to an end.

By year Pre-Frontier Year 1, Morgaine's World in the Prenglar system is named after the fallen Admiral. And by the next year, the United Planetary Federation was formed.

See Also: Second Sathar War

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