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Gollwin Academy[1]

Spacefleet officer candidates receive their training at the Gollwin Academy, which is the fleet war college. The academy is a huge group of space stations orbiting Morgaine's World. It offers a two-year program in the tactics and strategy of interstellar combat. Its graduates assume the rank of Junior Lieutenants aboard Spacefleet vessels.

The academy has a fine reputation for graduating skilled and effective leaders. Each graduate is qualified at the 1st level of a spaceship weapons skill and 2nd level of piloting, astrogation or spaceship engineering skill. The program of instruction is rigorous, and only highly qualified individuals can gain admission to the school.

If the referee wants player character officers in his campaign, characters should be allowed to apply to the academy. Of course, characters who are accepted will be inactive for two years of campaign time. In many cases this will be undesirable. If it works out, however, the following requirements must be met by aspiring Space Cadets.

Requirements Edit

All cadets entering the academy must have scores of at least 50 in six of their eight abilities. The character's Leadership score must be higher than 50. No character who has been identified as having committed an illegal act will ever be admitted to the academy.

If the ability requirements are met the character must be interviewed by the faculty before applying for entrance. The character must furnish his own transportation to the academy for this interview. If the character passes a Personality check, he is accepted into the academy and will begin classes immediately. If the interview is unsuccessful, the character may apply again one year later.[2]

Academy Skills Edit

Characters who go through the academy's course of instruction can choose astrogation, piloting or spaceship engineering as their area of expertise. After the player chooses a skill area, the character must make a Logic check. If this roll is successful, the character can study in his chosen field. If the roll is unsuccessful, the character must choose one of the other two areas and roll again. If the second roll fails, the character may try once more for the remaining skill area. If the third roll fails, the character has "washed out" of the academy and will never be admitted again.

Cadets who successfully enter a skill area at the academy will graduate after two years with 1st level spaceship weaponry skill (either rocket or energy weapons) and a 2nd level ability in the spaceship skill of their choice. If the character did not have the foundation skills necessary for a spaceship skill when he entered the academy (such as 6th level computer skill for astrogation), he will receive these as well.

Notes and References Edit

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  1. Design and image render by "tomwalks"
  2. This is essentially the same procedure as the one required to gain admittance to Star Law's academy.

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