Yazirian with rifle

Yazirian with triple-barrelled gyrojet rifle.

A gyrojet rifle is a rifle-sized version of a gyrojet pistol with longer range. It shoots miniature, self-propelled rockets that cause 3d10 points of damage when they explode. A gyrojet rifle is not effective at very short range, because the rocket is still accelerating. Thus the short range modifier is used even at point blank range. Skeinsuits and inertia screens absorb half the damage from a gyrojet rocket.


Jetclips are loaded with 10 miniature rockets. The clip is inserted into the weapon's ammo chamber in front of the trigger. Pistol and rifle jetclips are not interchangeable.

Each standard Rifle Jetclip costs 20 Cr and has little appreciable encumbrance. Doze jetclips cost 30 —Cr, Poison Gas jetclips cost 100 Cr— and Tangler jetclips cost 60 Cr.[1]


Notes & ReferencesEdit

  1. For a Fistful of Credits Dragon Magazine #112 August, 1986 pp. 88-91

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