SF Zeb helmet

Helmet with attachments

A Helmet is a piece of protective equipment worn on a characters' head. Helmets come in many shapes and sizes to fit all races.[1] Helmets are frequently worn with military uniforms, especially when in combat.[2]

A basic helmet costs 75 credits, and has a mass of 2 kg.[3]

Construction Edit

Helmets are made of either metal or re-enforced polymer. Interior padding makes the helmet more comfortable to wear. A chin strap or other mechanism helps keep the helmet properly seated upon the wearer's head.

There are three basic styles of helmet: open face (the wearer's face is exposed), half-face (covers half of the wearer's face), and full-face (covers the entire head). In addition, the shape of the helmet may either offer protection to the back of the wearer's neck (this protection is known as a neckguard)or leave the neck exposed.

Many helmets come with mounting points or removable modular sections that permit the attachment of additional equipment. (See Customization Options, below.)

Types of Helmets Edit

Beyond basic protection, helmets may be adapted to specific intended uses. Speciality types of helmet include:

  • Combat - Painted a dull color (camoflage pattern optional) in order to blend into the environment. Can include communications equipment, vision enhancements (IR/UV, etc), hearing protection, gas masks, and so forth.
  • Construction - Brightly colored for visibility to others. Frequently includes protection for hearing and against flying sparks/debris (a faceshield).
  • Pilot - Sometimes called "flight" helmets. Designed to accommodate the special needs of pilots (military pilots in particular) and air-crew. Most common attachments include a visor, communications, hearing protection, and an attachment point for the mask of a breathing apparatus.
  • Teaching helmet

Customization Options Edit

Helmets have room for up to eight attachments. The cost for a helmet attachment is slightly more than that of the normal item (add 20%).

Attachments include:

Notes and References Edit

  1. Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space pp.70
  2. Neither the Alpha Dawn, Knight Hawks, nor the Zebulon's Guide rules provide for any specific protective bonus by wearing a helmet. GMs may simply assume their presence where appropriate, or may give any character who specifies he is wearing a helmet a minor defensive bonus (-5% to any attackers' chance to Hit).
  3. Zebulon's Guide Equipment List
  4. Visors can have up to three functions, such as electromagnetic, infra-red, and ultraviolet capabilities. These combination visors are more expensive than normal ones (the cost of all three types is +20% of the total cost).
  5. See Zebulon's Guide Computer section for details

Gallery Edit

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