Basic intercom

Intercoms are devices that allow individuals in different parts of a spaceship[1] to converse with each other.[2] Unlike radiophoness or chronocoms, intercoms are "hard-wired" (connected by physical transmission lines).

An intercom control panel is located on the Bridge of a ship, and speaker/microphones can be installed anywhere they are needed or wanted.[3]

Description Edit

In its most basic form intercom is typically a panel or box set into a wall or bulkhead. The unit will have on its face a speaker, a microphone (sometimes in one unit), and a series of switches and/or knobs to control the unit's functions. For some applications, the intercom may be a desktop unit either free-standing or built into the desk itself.

Intercom with handset2

Intercom with handset

Some intercoms also include visual pickups as well as microphones, allowing the users to see as well as hear one another. They may also include handsets that allow the conversation to be held without both sides of the conversation being heard throughout the room.

Settings Edit

An intercom has four settings: Monitor, Selective Monitor, Speak, and Selective Speak.

Monitor Edit


Video intercom

An intercom set on monitor activates every microphone/speaker of the intercom system. This allows individuals in any compartment to hear what is being said in every other ship compartment and to speak to the entire network from any compartment (assuming each location has a speaker/mike).

Selective Monitor Edit

The operator of the intercom can choose selective monitoring, which allows them to chose any location/locations that have speaker/mics and listen to them. Selective monitoring can be done between any speaker/mics.

For example: an individual might set the speaker on a ship's Bridge to be monitored by the speaker in that individual's quarters. They could then go to there and eavesdrop on the Bridge.

Speak Edit

The speak setting is the opposite of monitor. It allows an individual to speak into the microphone at their location and be heard in all locations on that network.

Selective Speak Edit

This setting allows the operator to select any compartment or location and give a spoken message to those compartments only.

An intercom costs 50 credits for the control panel[4] and an additional 10 credits per speaker/mic installed on the network.

Notes and References Edit

  1. Or surface ship, space station, or even buildings
  2. Star Frontiers Knight Hawks pp.15
  3. Some intercom panels incorporate the ability to transmit and receive video images as well as voice.
  4. The control panel automatically includes a speaker/mic for that location.

Gallery Edit

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