ByChem Moneyspider 00

Venturi (in the background) with the moon Snobol and Jetsom's mothership ByChem Moneyspider

The extraction platform Jetsom floats like a hot-air balloon in the atmosphere of Venturi, supported by bags of gas heated by atomic reactors. It does not have a fixed position in relation to the "surface", but is blown around by the planet's winds. It does, however, maintain a constant altitude.

Jetsom has a distillation tower which extracts crude forms of Cys-DE (Cys-DiEropadyne) and Meta-TI (Meta-Thilphidone) from the atmosphere. The platform is manned by two crews of four (the Alpha and Beta Teams) who work 38-day duty shifts with 38-day rest periods on the "mothership" ByChem Moneyspider.

The crew is aided by a number of robots and several Sapes provided as part of a developmental project by Renouf Associates.

Venturi's stormy atmosphere makes normal radio transmission impossible, so Jetsom has a subspace radio for communicating with Moneyspider. The automated shuttles have normal radios and thus lose touch with Moneyspider once they enter the atmosphere.


ByChem Jetsom 01

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