Type: Large Omnivore
Number: 1-5
Move: Slow
IM/RS: +5/45
Stamina: 150
Attack: 50
Damage: 4d10 claw/bite
Special Attack: None
Special Defense: None
Native World: Volturnus – caverns and ruins

The Korrvarr are a species of mammal-like reptilianoids native to the planet Volturnus, in the Zebulon system.


Korrvarr are burrowing animals about 2 meters long. They look something like a weasel with a mole-like snout. Korrvarr live in underground burrows, often linked to existing caverns. Korrvarr hunt prey underground, or above ground at night. They are nocturnal and are - 10 to hit in full daylight. They often hunt by surrounding their prey, especially by using interconnected tunnel systems.

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