Sirian LR-0

Laser carbine

A Laser Carbine is a larger version of a laser pistol[1] equipped with a fixed or collapsible stock and a barrel extension for better stability and range.[2] A laser carbine has an SEU dial can be set from 1 to 10 and commonly comes scope-ready, although the scope must be purchased separately.

Cost: 665 Cr[3]
Mass: 2kg

Notes & ResourcesEdit

  1. The basic Alpha Dawn Laser Pistol.
  2. Both these items are found in Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space and have been adapted to Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn statistics.
  3. Laser Pistol = 600 Cr, 1 kg; Muzzle Extender = 50 Cr, 0.5 kg; Collapsible Stock = 15 Cr, 0.5 kg.

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