Laser pistol

Alpha Dawn PGC-1 Laser Pistol

The so-called "standard" Laser Pistol is a light-based energy weapon widely popular in the Frontier. It accepts standard powerclips or can be attached to a power beltpack or power backpack.

Laser pistols have an adjustable power setting ranging from 1 to 10, consuming an equal number of SEU per shot; lower settings are less damaging than higher settings, but all settings are technically "lethal", with no available "stun" setting.

PGC-1V Laser Pistol

PGC-1 Laser Pistols in use; Standard and Vrusk variants.

Pan-Galactic Corporation markets the PGC-1 in various models, including one which is packed with survival kits in the lifeboats of starships exploring the Frontier. The PGC-1 is highly ergonomic and easily usable by human, yazirian, dralasite and vrusk hands, though a vrusk version is available which is more comfortable for their hand anatomy.

Besides the PGC-1, other laser pistol models are available, such as the KE-1500, as well as lighter, more concealable versions like the KE-1000.

A wide range of accessories are available for Laser Pistols, including Shoulder Stocks, Barrel Extensions and Optic Sights, which effectively convert the Pistol into a carbine.[1]

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  1. Accessories are listed in Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space pp. 66-7. BodyComps also include progits capable of improving the capabilities of a personal weapon.

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