The Laser Powertorch or LPT is designed to cut holes through the heavy metal hatches and hulls of enemy ships so troops can board.[1] An LPT will cut a slash 1 meter long in a ship's hull in one turn.[2]

An LPT is powered by a special power backpack that holds 300 SEU. This backpack is so heavy it can only be used in a weightless environment. The torch uses 30 SEU per turn. When not cutting metal, an LPT can be used as a laser rifle which causes 20d10 damage with a successful hit. There is no variable power setting.

A character using an LPT as a weapon can use his Beam Weapon skill as a modifier. However, because the LPT is not designed to be used as a weapon, the character can only add +5% per skill level to his chance to hit instead of the normal + 10%.

An LPT is designed for cutting a surface that is close to the tool, so it is not very effective as a long-range weapon. The ranges for the LPT are:

0-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-100

The LPT costs 5,000 credits. The special powerpack costs 500 credits.[3]

Notes and References Edit

  1. Knight Hawks Campaign Book pp.30
  2. A hole 1 meter square can thus be made in 4 turns.
  3. Knight Hawks pp.62

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