Liberal 3

Liberal Party emblem

The Liberal Party (LP) is a political party that has seats on the Council of Worlds. LP is the polar opposite of the Central Party, believing that each world in the Frontier is primarily responsible for the well being of its citizens.

When there is legitimate need for a common policy (such as when dealing with the Sathar threat, or policing interstellar crime) the Liberals are willing to support such policy, however, their general principle is to leave as much as possible in the hands of the planets.

Liberals are currently are the largest grouping in the Council of Worlds. The independent nature of its members, however, means that the Liberals do not always vote as a bloc. Its leader Mytron Hab is a Dralasite from Inner Reach. Hab is known as perhaps the most consummate politician in the Council of Worlds and the ultimate deal maker. If Hab throws his weight behind a proposal it is quite likely to succeed.

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