Type: Large Herbivore
Number: 2-20
Move: Fast
IM/RS: +5/41
Stamina: 300
Attack: 40
Damage: 2d10 bite and claw
Special Attack: None
Special Defense: Immune to needler weapons
Native World: Volturnus – desert


Lopers are two-legged reptiles the size of horses, inhabiting the deserts of Volturnus. They are usually found in the presence of the Ul-Mor, who use them as cavalry mounts, though it is not uncommon to find them in the wild. They are named for the rapid gait they use to cross the desert sands.

Though normally timid and shy, lopers will attack with their small fore claws and powerful jaws if provoked. Normally, mounted beasts may not attack in melee, but when mounted by Ul-Mor, lopers are capable of attacking at the rider's direction.

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