Magnigoggles are goggles that magnify visual images the same way binoculars do.[1] They triple the distance at which a character can identify a man-sized object.[2] They do not work like telescopic sights; a character wearing magnigoggles can not aim a weapon using them.

A variety of options exist to extend the range of spectrum magnigoggles can detect. These options are similar in ability and cost to those available for sights.

A Robot's optical sensors may be equipped with the equivalent of magnigoggles, but these are not the same as those used by characters.[3]

Cost: 200 Cr

Mass (kg): --

Omnoculars[4] Edit

Explorer using magnigoggles-0

Explorer using hand-held omnoculars

This optical device[5] resembles a large pair of binoculars and combines the abilities of magnigoggles with an automatic range and vector readout that gives the exact location of any object in view. The maximum omnocular range is three kilometers.

Various features can be added to omnoculars: IR, IRHR, UV, EM, and starlight capabilities can all be added as lens attachments (at the feature's normal cost plus a 20% installation fee).

A spotter using omnoculars adds a +1 Column Shift[6] to the attack of a long-range weapon, such as a grenade mortar. This is a delicate piece of equipment with a built-in computer and should be treated carefully. Omnoculars are microdisc powered for 100 hours of use.

Cost: 600 Cr

Mass: 2.5 kg

Notes and References Edit

  1. Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn Expanded Rulebook
  2. The equivalent of 3x magnification binoculars.
  3. Factory-installed or installed by a shop, these cost 220 Cr. Roboticists with access to a Robcom kit may purchase them for 200 Cr and install them themselves, saving the 20 Cr installation cost.
  4. Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space pp.72 and Equipment List
  5. Sometimes known as "electrobinoculars"
  6. + 10% in Alpha Dawn

Gallery Edit

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