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The Materialist Party (MP) is a political party that holds seats on the Council of Worlds. MP is a party focused on promoting the material well-being of citizens within the Frontier, contending that the powers held by the Council should be used to promote interstellar trade.

MP believes in a minimalist but active Spacefleet to secure the star routes and control piracy. They are in favor of keeping taxes low and Star Law active.

The MP is perhaps the most well funded of the parties as they receive large contributions from the mega-corps. Due to this support they are the second largest party in the Council, with a slightly larger representation then Galactic Light.

Lax’ra’tyrl, a Vrusk from Ken’zah-Kit, is the leader of this party. Lax'ra'tyrl is the former owner of a medium sized merchant shipping company; he was considered a mutually acceptable neutral face by the mega-corps who fund the Materialists. Lax’ra’tyrl is friends with almost everyone he has ever met and has a natural charisma and warmth which extends not only to others who meet him face to face but also via holo-vids and other media channels.

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