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Bap bins are matter transferral devices that are relatively new creations. This sound they make when "beaming" cargo or creatures is similar to "bap," hence the name. They act instantaneously, but the character knows he has been "bapped". The transferral requires a bin to be at both the departure and arrival point to work. The current maximum range between bins is 5000 km.

The cost of "bapping" is extremely high, about 10,000 Cr for a one-way trip for a single character.[1]

The Capellan Rim world of Faire has a functioning Bap Bin network.


Bap Bin

Another model of Bap bin.

Techexes who operate these devices for a living must have Matter Transferral Devices skill level 9.[2] A White result on a skill check means that the transferral did not work at all, but the character is safe. It is only on a roll of 98-00 that the item or character being transferred was molecularly scrambled and lost forever.

Cited from Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space.


  1. This is extraordinarily expensive, considering that a shuttle trip for that distance will take less than 30 minutes for less than 100 Cr.
  2. Note that this makes it impossible for anyone to use: Skills in Zeb max out at 8.

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