Type: Giant Carnivore
Number: 1
Move: Fast – 90 meters/turn
IM/RS: +5/45
Stamina: 350
Attack: 50
Damage: 7d10 bite and claws
Special Attack: None
Special Defense: None
Native World: Volturnus – dry plains, swamp

Megasaurus are a species of mammal-like furless volturnian reptiloids[1] native to Volturnus, in the Zebulon system.


A megasaurus is 10 meters long and stands 5 meters high at the shoulders. It looks like a giant reptilian cat with a thick tail. It has huge claws and a massive mouth filled with sharp teeth, and can leap up to 50 meters to attack.

Notes & ReferencesEdit

  1. Not quite reptiles, not quite mammals, much like the Eorna.

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