Memory Tapes

Sathar agent downloads information into a small memory tape. Note the larger reel-to-reel memory tapes already present on the computer.

Memory tapes are a type of information storage media used in many applications across the Frontier. There are several different physical media that can be used by memory tapes, ranging from various-sized reels of magnetic tape to compact assemblages of micro-circuited chips to solid-state media. All perform the same function, however.



Memory tapes have limits as to how much information can be retained depending on the size of the tape[1] and type of storage technology employed.

Specialized forms of memory tape exist for specific applications, including:

  • Data Tapes - data tapes record raw information from a camera, scanner, or other device for later playback and/or analysis.
  • Programs/Progits - programs for computers and progits for bodycomps contain memory tapes that store the program to be run.
  • Teaching Tapes [2]- used in conjunction with teaching helmets as part of hypno-training. Teaching tapes contain the information necessary to explain to the student how to perform a specific skill.

Notes and References Edit

  1. Can range from the size of a US quarter (2.5 cm) to 27 cm and larger.
  2. Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space pp.10

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