Mines: (An explosive device used to destroy enemy shipping (military or civilian). It is can be placed in a concealed position and designed to be detonated by contact.)  

Although not rocketry, they are still serviced by Rocket Weapon Gunners. They are deployed in large numbers by Minelayers over a large area of space. They are best deployed in and around debris fields, as the openness of space makes it hard to hide them. Proximity sensors on the mines cause them to blowup. They are nuclear weapons, but in space, nuclear weapons are not as effective in space as they are on a planet's surface. The spread and blast does still cover a lot of ground. Because of the dangers, all but the most foolish or desperate captain would try to navigate around them.

Mines - LTD / RA 0 / DTM -20 / HDR 3D10+5

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