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This new Map of the Frontier, using information seen in Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space, was done by Darrell C. L. Donald. (Note: move pointer over map to identify the features of the Frontier. Click on a feature to go to its article.)

Note: The Capellan Pass (the trade route through the Xagyg Dust Nebula between Capella and Zebulon) requires a ship to exit the Void mid-transit, vector into a new heading and then re-enter the Void. This maneuver is known to spacers as "making the bend" and effectively consumes 50% more fuel than a normal jump.

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Alpha (Quarantine Systems)Araks: HentzAthor: YastBeta (Quarantine Systems)Belnafaer: VenturiCapella: Faire, Homeworld, IfshnaCassidine: Rupert's Hole, TriadCryxia: Pi'Ka'Nair, T'zaanDelta (Quarantine Systems)Devco: CassDixon's Star: LacoDramune: Inner Reach, Outer ReachEpsilon (Quarantine Systems)Fochirk: HummaFromeltar: Groth, TerledromGamma (Quarantine Systems)Gruna Garu: HargutK'aken-Kar: Ken'zah-KitK'tsa Kar: Kawdl-KitKazak: StenmarKizk'-Kar: Zik-kitKlaeok: Point GoLiberty: SnowballLynchpin: MoonworldMadderly's Star: KdikitMechan: MechanoNew Streel: CorpcoOsak: Fhloid, Osaka, Piscatien, Reanee, WonmaOutpost #1Pan-Gal: Exodus, GenesisPrenglar: Gran Quivera, Morgaine's WorldRhianna: AlcazzarScree Fron: Hakosoar, HistranSolar Major: RingarSolar Minor: Circe, Kir'-KutSundown: StarmistTheseus: MinotaurTimeon: LossendTristkar: KraatarTruane's Star: New Pale, PaleWaller Nexus: Magh MarWhite Light: Clarion (Gollywog)Zebulon: Anker, VolturnusNeutron Star H-17Neutron Star F-3 "The Eye of Yreva"Neutron Star W-I "The Formad Beacon"Neutron Star 23-L "Ch'kak-Kar"Neutron Star 25-B "Marnie's Light"Neutron Star 22-15 "Arachne"Formad ClusterBinary Star K-QBinary Star H-DBinary Star M-CBinary Star P-ABinary Star M-2Binary Star R-13Binary Star 3-DBinary Star 5-FBinary Star 8-JBinary Star 7-VBinary Star 17-TBinary Star 12-MBinary Star 25-5Binary Star 16-14NewMap
About this image

Key Note: Letter Key listed after each system note the top row, followed by the side column.

See Also: Classic Map of the Frontier

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