Leatherman MUT - Star Frontiers Pocket Tool

The Pocket Tool described in the Alpha Dawn Basic Rulebook is an indispensable tool for both survival and everyday use in The Frontier.

Much like a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman Multitool, the Pocket Tool is compact (negligible encumbrance), economical (20 cr) and above else, useful in a variety of situations.

While specific functions differ, based on manufacturer, model and user need, all Pocket Tools include:

  • A penknife blade
  • A universal screwdriver
  • A small, adjustable wrench
  • Vice pliers
  • A hole puncher
  • An electromagnet[1]
  • A small flashlight [2]

Due to its extreme utility, Pocket Tools are commonly included in Standard Equipment Packs and emergency survival packs.

Notes & ResourcesEdit

Source: Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn (Basic Rules booklet)

  1. 100-gram capacity.
  2. 25m range

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