Poison Grenade by SWS

A poison grenade is a thrown weapon that releases a cloud of poisonous gas. Anyone in the blast radius will be poisoned by the gas. The gas is effective only on the turn the grenade explodes.[1] The gas acts as an S5/T10 poison. A character who passes a current Stamina check will not be affected, nor will anyone in a gas mask. A shot of antitox will neutralize the poison so that no further damage is taken.

Each grenade has a cost of 30 Cr and has negligible weight. It can be set to detonate on impact or it can be set to detonate using a built-in timer, adjustable to up to one minute.[2] Conversely, the grenade can be mounted to either a grenade bullet (for use with a grenade rifle) or a grenade shell (for use with a grenade mortar).

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Only one 6-second turn; the following turn, the toxic chemicals break down and are rendered ineffective.
  2. 1-10 6-second turns

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