Space welder

The portable space welder is an all-environment welder.[1] It will work in all conditions, including in vacuum, underwater, and in poisonous or tainted atmospheres. It is similar to a modern oxyacetylene torch and uses an open flame for its welding and cutting. It may be used to weld metals and hardened plastics or to cut through these materials.

It takes the welder one turn to make a weld or cut 50 cm (0.5 meters) long. The welder may cut through up to 3 cm of material. The welder may only be used in melee combat and no bonus is added for Melee Weapons skill. If a hit is scored, the target will suffer 5d10 points of damage from the flame.

A fuel tank is required to operate the welder. One tank will fuel the portable space welder for one hour.

Cost: 300 Cr
Mass: 20 kg

Notes and References Edit

  1. Previously developed material for Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn not released before development of Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space. Released in the article "For a Fistful of Credits" by AD co-developer Zeb Cook in Dragon Magazine #112.

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