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A power backpack is an energy storage device that is worn on a harness that slips over the shoulders. Special adapters are available for Dralasites at no additional cost.[1]

A backpack has two weapon ports, one screen port and three auxiliary ports. Only two weapons can be connected to the same backpack. It takes two turns to plug in or unplug a powercord from a power backpack.

A-AR900-T005 p.jpg

Power backpacks have a capacity of 100 SEU, and are sold fully charged. They can be recharged for 5 credits per SEU. Recharging can be done at any weapons shop, hardware store or fuel station.[2]

Power backpacks have a mass of 10kg [3], and cost 500 credits.

See also: Power Beltpack

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn
  2. Power Beltpacks, Backpacks, and Econopacks can also be directly charged from Power Generators.
  3. Approximately 22 lbs.

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