Power econopack

A Power Econopack is an active-matrix energy storage device similar to a Power Beltpack or Power Backpack; it is often mounted in vehicles to power vehicular screens, as well as other powered equipment, such as Subspace Radios, Freeze Fields and heavy energy weapons.

Econopacks can be recharged at a cost of 5 credits per 1 SEU recharged. Recharging can be done at any weapons shop, hardware store or fuel station.[1]

Despite its compact size, it is rarely used as a backpack when active.

4 weapons adapters
1 screen adapter
5 miscellaneous adapters

Notes & ReferencesEdit

  • Original source: Dragon Magazine #99 - Tanks A Lot, by Alex Curylo.
  1. Power Beltpacks, Backpacks, and Econopacks can also be directly charged from Power Generators.
  2. Approximately 55 lbs

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