Ringar is the only habitable world in the Solar Major system.

Moons: None
Gravity: 1.5
Day: 40 hours
Inclination: °
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temperature: °C
% Water:

Native Species:
Trade: Business, Industry

General Notes: Ringar is a mega-corp planet founded by WarTech Incorporated. for the purposes of expanding their production capabilities and establishing a secure and exclusive testing site. Ringar is very heavily guarded.

History: Discovered in FY39.

In FY101.7 the Capellan Free Merchants transported half of Landfleet to the Solar Major system in preparation of the Battle of Five Fleets in FY102.

Government: Corporate. WarTech is the government on Ringar. There is often delay involving official company policy though because of the tremendous communications lag between the planet and the WarTech HQ on Hargut (Gruna Garu).

Law: Because of the tight security on the planet, visitors and non-security employees are to remain weaponless at all times. Security officers are most often heavily armed.

Population: Vrusk Moderate.

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