Semiautomatic pistol

The automatic pistol is already inexpensive and when firing bursts it can be quite deadly. But not everyone in the Frontier has the latest technology. Some people don’t have the fully-automatic modern weapon.[1]

These predecessors of the modern automatic pistols are functionally nearly equivalent. They fire bullets as quickly as the user can pull the trigger (up to three bullets per turn). There is no burst fire mode. The semiautomatic pistol uses the same ammunition and magazine as the modern automatic pistol. Skeinsuits and inertia screens reduce bullet damage by half. If a skeinsuit and an inertia screen are used together, damage is reduced to one-fourth the amount rolled.

Weapon Cost Mass Damage Ammo SEU Rate Defense Range (PB/S/M/L/E)
Semiautomatic Pistol 150 Cr 1.5 kg 1d10 per bullet 20 rounds --- 3 Inertia 5 / 15 / 30 / 60 / 150

Notes and References Edit

  1. write up and image appear in Star Frontiersman #1

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