Not to be confused with the planet Snowball, homeworld of the Mhemne race, in the Liberty system.

ByChem Moneyspider 00

Venturi (in the background) with the moon Snobol and the Mining/Research Ship ByChem Moneyspider

Diameter: Average 6 km (irregular)
Atmosphere: None
Temperature: -140ºC

Snobol is one of the many moons of Venturi, and very small by comparison with the rest. It is a large, lumpy, cold block of frozen water and carbon dioxide ("dry ice"). Snobol was only recently "captured" by Venturi, and is unusual in that it has a very elongated orbit which takes it as close to Venturi as 197,000 km and as far away as 4,950,000 km. Its orbit takes 38 standard days. Snobol still has the spin which it had before it was "captured", and rotates around its axis once every 4 minutes 45 seconds.

Snobol's OrbitEdit

Venturi System 00

Venturi ProjectEdit

As part of the gas mining enterprise by ByChem Corporation, Snobol is literally at the center of the Venturi Project; the mining/research ship ByChem Moneyspider is anchored to Snobol by a 16km-long distillation/"elevator" "cable" that connects it the micro-G docking and storage area of the moon, generating gravity on the ship.

From Snobol Station, crews take atmospheric shuttles to Jetsom, a mining station floating in the high atmosphere of Venturi.


ByChem Snobol 01

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