Sonic Stunner

PGC-SS1 "Stunner" sonic pistol

Sonic Projectors are a category of Sonic Weapons that hit targets with a highly concentrated blast of sound from a distance, like a firearm. They include the following types:

Sonic StunnerEdit

A sonic stunner is a type of pistol. It is commonly called a Stunner. It will stun a victim for d100 turns. (The victim can avoid the effect of the hit by rolling his current Stamina or lower.) It uses a 20 SEU clip (good for 10 shots), but can be attached to a beltpack (25 shots) or a powerpack (50 shots). A target with an anti-shock implant can not be stunned. Otherwise, only a sonic screen can stop the stunner's sound beam.

Sonic DisruptorEdit

Sonic rifle 1 small

Sonic rifle

A sonic disruptor is a type of rifle. It is commonly called a Disruptor. A sonic disruptor generates a focused sound beam. The damage it causes depends on the range. At closer ranges, it causes more damage. It uses a 20 SEU clip (good for 5 shots) but can also be attached to a beltpack (12 shots) or powerpack (25 shots). Only a sonic screen can stop its deadly beam.

Sonic DevastatorEdit

A sonic devastator is a heavy weapon that must be mounted on a tripod or a swivel mount to be fired. Except for its greater range and damage, the sonic devastator operates just like the sonic disruptor. It is commonly called a Devastator. Do to the high power consumption of a sonic devastator, parabatteries are used to power it.


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