Stimdose Hypo

A Transdermal Aerosol Hypodermic Delivery Unit, almost universally known as a Spray Hypo,[1] is used by medics across the Frontier and beyond to deliver a variety of drugs[2] directly through the skin (or carapace) in a painless manner without a needle.[3][4]

Spray Hypos are hypo-allergenic, self-cleaning, and self-sterilizing, so there is no danger of cross-contamination between patients.

A Spray Hypo is included in Standard Equipment Packs and in survival kits, as well as in Medkits.

Cost: Replacing a lost or broken Spray Hypo costs 5 Cr.

Notes & ReferencesEdit

  1. Less commonly as Hypo Spray.
  2. See Medkit.
  3. Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn Basic Rulebook pp. 8
  4. Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn Expanded Rulebook pp. 16

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