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Strength and Justice (SJ) is a political party holding seats on the Council of Worlds. Perhaps the most aggressive of all the major parties in the Council, SJ believes that the battle must be taken to the Sathar and that those who have been killed by Sathar aggression should be avenged. SJ argues that it is the true holder of the mantle of those who founded the UPF, which was formed specifically to combat the Sathar threat.

SJ supports the expansion of Spacefleet and its pre-emptive use against the Sathar. In addition, it has proposed many bills supporting UPF exploration and colonization in the direction of suspected Sathar-controlled star systems in order to gain a strategic advantage.

SJ is slightly larger than the Central Party with whom it often allies.The party is led by the Yazirian Maxxer Trej of Yast. Trej is famous for her time in Spacefleet when as captain of the light cruiser UPFS Intrepid a misjump landed the ship in an uncharted star system filled with Sathar spaceships.

Trej immediately opened fire on the Sathar and managed to destroy several of enemy vessels. However, Intrepid took severe damage, which knocked out many of its systems including astrogation (which included the recorded location of the system). More than half of Intrepid’s crew was killed in the engagement.

According to reports, Trej planned to fight to the end, but she was knocked unconscious when the Sathar scored a direct hit on the bridge, killing most of the officers. A Spacefleet ensign, serving a training tour from Gollwin Academy and the last officer standing, then performed a blind jump out of the system miraculously landing the ship back within the Frontier, and saving the remaining crew.

The ensign received several decorations for valor, was promoted two grades, and given command of an assault scout for his actions. Trej lost both her legs in the engagement and was eased into retirement by Spacefleet. Trej refused prosthetic replacements and currently moves about on a modified flit disc.

Notes and References Edit

  1. Incorporates an old human cultrual icon known as the "Lady Defender of Liberty".

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