Enhanced survival kit bag

A High-quality Survival Kit is an upgraded version of the basic survival kit frequently found in lifeboats and escape pods across the Frontier. It is sometimes issued individually to exploration personnel or colonists.

The kit is designed to enhance the ability of one character to survive in otherwise life-supporting environments between -25 and +50 degrees celsius for a minimum of eight days, though that period can be extended considerably if outside food and water supplies can be obtained.

A high-quality survival kit costs around 3,650 credits, and weighs approximately 25kg.

The kit includes the following:

Food and Water Edit

Fire Edit

Shelter and comfort Edit

  • 1 all-weather blanket
  • 1 tube tent or bivvy bag - shelter for 1 person against the elements
  • 1 package of chemical hand-warmers (10) - emergency heat source

Communications Edit

  • 1 radiophone - for longer-range communication than a standard chronocom
  • 1 signal mirror - for daytime signalling
  • 1 laser pointer - for night time signalling
  • 1 whistle - for audio signalling
  • 1 emergency beacon - location beacon that can be received in low orbit

Health and First Aid Edit

  • 1 First Aid Pack *
    • 1 can of Plastiflesh spray bandage - for closing wounds and covering burns
    • 1 elastic bandage - for bandaging strained ankle, etc
    • 1 sling - for immobilizing broken arm/sprained shoulder
    • 1 can of Antiseptic spray - for cleaning and sterilizing wounds
    • 1 spray hypodermic - needle-less hypodermic containing:
      • 1 stimdose - to revive unconscious individuals
      • 1 staydose - to sustain a dying person for 20 hours
    • 1 pair of tweezers - for removing small foreign objects
    • 1 small scissors - for cutting away material as needed
    • 1 booklet of first aid instructions - basic instructions (how to bandage a wound, how to bandage a sprain, how to splint a limb, eye injuries, etc)
    • 1 bottle of eyewash - to clean and treat eye injuries
    • 1 bottle of mild analgesic (50) - to reduce pain
  • 1 toxyrad gauge - detects unsafe atmospheric conditions, radiation, etc
  • 1 bottle of vitasalt pills (50) - reduces need for water
  • 1 bottle of sunscreen - prevents sunburn
  • 1 bottle of anti-diarrheal medicine - treats symptoms of diarreah (which causes water loss)
  • 1 bottle of water purification tablets (50) - kills bacterial contaminants in water (each tablet purifies one liter of water, does not remove chemical contaminants)

Tools and Equipment Edit

  • 1 canteen with filter cartridges - extends water supply by filtering found water (filter may not eliminate all biological contaminants)
  • 1 packet of survival straws (10) - extends water supply by filtering found water (filter may not eliminate all biological contaminants)
  • 1 basic fishing kit (high test line, hooks, bobbers, sinkers, etc) - for extending food supply
  • 1 Machete and sheath - for cutting/chopping through obstacles. Can also be used as melee weapon.
  • 1 knife and sheath - for purposes too big for the pocket tool and too delicate for the machete. Can also be used as melee weapon.
  • 1 collapsible shovel - for digging for water, latrines, etc.
  • 1 compass
  • 1 pocket tool *
  • 1 flashlight - rechargeable light source
  • 1 package of glowsticks (10) - additional light source
  • 1 Poly-Vox
  • 1 life jacket
  • 1 10m coil of rope
  • 1 pair of sungoggles
  • 1 pair of stretch coveralls * - includes belt and head cover
  • 1 Laser pistol with holster
  • 1 tangler grenade   
  • 1 doze grenade
  • 1 booklet of survival instructions - basic techniques (how to find water, how to traverse rough terrain, camp hygiene, etc)
  • 1 small solar charger - for recharging radiophone and flashlight (cannot recharge powerclip)
  • 1 backpack - allows for kit to be carried comfortably over long distances

Gallery Edit

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