Task Force Cassidine is one of the three standing fleets of Spacefleet. It is based around the planet Triad in the Cassidine system.

Order of Battle (Second Sathar War)Edit

Order of Battle (Battle of Ken'zah Kit, AKA The Stand)Edit

Prior to the formation of the three big fleets, Task Force Cassidine was formed to fight off the Sathar threat at Ken'zah Kit. At the time, the flag ship was the Admiral Clinton.

Star Frontiersman ExpansionEdit

Official materials do not list the names of each ship in the Fleets, but the community of the SF Revival had made a list (you can find the article in the Star Frontiersman #11 fan-zine). Ships marked with an "*" are made up by Parriah.

  • UPFS City of New Hope * (cruiser, unknown class)
  • UPFS Courageous (light cruiser)

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