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Terledrom is one of two habitable planets in the Fromeltar system, the other being Groth. It is ruled by a council of Vrusk companies and elected Dralasites. Trans-Travel is a planetary corporation and the chief employer of Terledrom. Its headquarters are based in Sengsen, the major city.

Moons: (3) Wikk, Leen, Masg
Gravity: 1
Day: 60
Inclination: °
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temperature: °
% Water:

Trade: Industry (Little import, small export). Imports are 20% of agricultural products from Groth; and 75% of raw materials from Zik-kit. Exports of industrial products goes to Groth.
General Notes: Trans-Travel is a planetary corporation and the chief employer of Terledrom. Little is imported, small amounts of goods are exported.
Native Species:
History: Dralasites discovered the Fromeltar system in 320 pf.
Sathar Fleet #1 moved into this system after being driven from Kdikit(Madderly's Star) during the Second Sathar War in FY96.
Government: Terledrom is ruled by a council of Vrusk companies (the Pak) and elected Dralasites (Draog Council). The Pak primarily oversees business concerns and the Draog Council oversees social concerns.
Law: (CR 3*) Pistols and rifles are allowed, no melee or grenades. Most businesses restrict bringing weapons into the premises so there are a wide variety of storage bins available for rent.
Population: Dralasite/Vrusk Heavy
Society/Culture: Generally self-sufficient.
¥ Sengsen: Major city. Headquarters of Trans-Travel.
§ Wikk: Colony
§ Leen: Industry
§ Masg:
Artificial Satellites: ASS, DS II

The planet's militia consists of three assault scouts and one frigate.

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