The Battle of Ebony Eyes refers to the conflict between the UPF and the Sathar around the phenomenon known as Ebony Eyes. It was one of the most unexpected military actions to have taken place with the Sathar and it proved to be one of the most confusing battles as well.

Background to the Battle: Every galactic year a special research ship is sent to the Ebony Eyes to check on any changes in their energy patterms and to try new experiments. The ship stays for several days and is usually accompanied by a small military escort, since some of the most important scientists in the UPF are involved in the research.

In the year of the Battle of Ebony Eyes, a larger than usual military escort was sent with the research ship (the Ensten); an increase in Sathar hostilities in recent months brought this about. The military vessels were instructed to protect the Ensten at all costs and also planned to conduct maneuvering and weapons drills in their spare time.

The trip to Ebony Eyes was uneventful and soon the scientists aboard the Ensten were happily taking their readings. The crews of the UPFS vessels, however, were nervous because of unusual energy transmissions they picked up as they entered the system. They were also unused to the "duplicating" effects of the local space-time distortion.

Only minutes after taking up positions at the Ebony Eyes, the UPF crews were shocked to discover what appeared to be an enormous Sathar war fleet coming around the side of Ebony Eyes Beta. The Sathar had gone undetected as nothing cold be seen, visually or using long-range detectors, of what was on he other side of Ebony Eyes (which are surrounded by whirlpools of matter and dust extending out to 50,000 km). The two fleets immediately engaged one another.

Order of BattleEdit

UPF ShipsEdit

Sathar ShipsEdit

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