Spacefleet in battle

The inhabitants of the Frontier first became aware of the Sathar when a surprise attack hit the planets of Truane's Star. Pale and New Pale were ravaged, and the few survivors fled to Prenglar via Dixon's Star. Thus began the First Sathar War.

At that time there was no Spacefleet of any sort. A number of starships had been equipped with weapons to battle pirates and members of the other three races, and this motley assortment of vessels was mustered for the defense of the Frontier. Command of the fleet was given to a human, Vincent Morgaine, who was given the honorary title of admiral.

Morgaine chose to place his ships at Cassidine, following the sacking of the Truane system. A small outpost at Dixon's Star was to warn him if the Sathar attempted to move toward Prenglar, but the Admiral's gamble paid off. The Sathar emerged from the Void in the Cassidine system, heading directly toward the huge population center of Triad.

Admiral Morgaine and his rag-tag fleet were waiting, however, hidden among the rocks of Cassidine's dense asteroid belt. Their surprise attack on the rear of the Sathar fleet destroyed nearly a third of the over- confident enemy's ships. Apparently bewildered by the onslaught, the Sathar and their ships accelerated away from Cassidine and disappeared into the Void. Once again, however, as the Sathar emerged at a major population center (Gran Quivera at Prenglar, this time), the Admiral and his "fleet" were waiting. A savage battle developed around a large and, at that time, uninhabited ringed planet. During the course of the battle, nearly all of the Frontier's ships were destroyed. Admiral Morgaine's cruiser was lost with all hands.

The Sathar fleet was similarly devastated, however. The few remaining enemy ships scattered in all directions. Many of the survivors were never accounted for, but the Sathar war fleet had been utterly destroyed.

A grateful population named the ringed planet after the hero of the First Sathar War. Frightened by the savagery of the attack, and determined to never let it happen again, the peoples of the Frontier formed the United Planetary Federation to combine the defensive resources of the Four Races. Since then, Morgaine's World has become a primary UPF and Star Law base.

In the decades following the First Sathar War, the activities of the "worms" were limited to subterfuge and sabotage as they and their agents tried to undermine the foundation of the UPF. Recently, however, the attack on Volturnus (Zebulon) and the drive on Kdikit (Madderly's Star) have caused the Frontier to prepare for war again.

Now the Sathar are appearing in fleets that dwarf the ships of the First War, and as the defense of the Frontier for the Second Sathar War is undertaken, the Spacefleet will be called upon to follow the tradition of its founding Admiral. The Spacefleet now has large and modern ships, but they usually are outnumbered by the ferocious foe.

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